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How to present the Future Continuous/Progressive tense to KET+

Контексты и ситуации для первичной презентации на уроке для усителя+ Сценарий для публичного выступления для студента Ket+.

1. Holiday Plans

  1. "This time next Monday, I will be traveling to London."
  2. "At 8 PM tonight, I will be packing my suitcase."
  3. "Tomorrow at this time, I will be taking a train to the coast."
  4. "Next weekend, I will be visiting a museum in the city."
  5. "On Thursday evening, I will be having dinner with my family at our favourite restaurant."
  6. "Next Friday, I will be watching a movie with my friends."
  7. "This time next week, I will be exploring a new town."
  8. "On Wednesday morning, I will be going on a hike in the hills."
  9. "Next Sunday, I will be taking photographs at the beach."
  10. "On Tuesday afternoon, I will be shopping in the city center."

2. Ideal Day Scenario

  1. "In my perfect day, I will be starting with a big breakfast."
  2. "Later, I will be playing football in the park with my friends."
  3. "I will be spending the afternoon reading my favourite book."
  4. "In the evening, I will be watching the latest superhero movie."
  5. "I will be visiting the zoo and seeing all the animals."
  6. "I will be going on a bike ride around the lake."
  7. "For lunch, I will be eating pizza at my favourite restaurant."
  8. "I will be playing video games with my brother."
  9. "In my ideal day, I will be going to a concert of my favourite band."
  10. "Before bed, I will be stargazing from my balcony."

3. Schedule of a Future Event

  1. "At 9 AM, we will be starting the school assembly."
  2. "The art exhibition will be opening at 10:30 AM."
  3. "We will be having a quiz competition at 11 AM."
  4. "Lunch break will be starting at 12:30 PM."
  5. "The football match will be kicking off at 2 PM."
  6. "At 3:15 PM, we will be having a dance rehearsal."
  7. "The science project presentations will be beginning at 4 PM."
  8. "We will be setting up the stage for the play at 5 PM."
  9. "The school band will be performing at 6 PM."
  10. "We will be closing the event with awards at 7:30 PM."

4. A Day in the Life of a Celebrity

  1. "In the morning, the celebrity will be doing a photoshoot."
  2. "Later, they will be attending a movie premiere."
  3. "They will be giving an interview to a famous magazine at noon."
  4. "In the afternoon, they will be signing autographs for fans."
  5. "They will be visiting a charity event in the evening."
  6. "The celebrity will be having dinner at an exclusive restaurant."
  7. "They will be flying to New York for a TV show appearance."
  8. "In their free time, they will be shopping in designer boutiques."
  9. "They will be rehearsing for a concert late at night."
  10. "The celebrity will be attending a gala event at the weekend."


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