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Games structure table
Организации/пользователи, принимавшие участие в разработке материала:

Topic Games

Hungry monster

Food sorting

Making menu

Yummy pizza


Guess who? (От Елены Борисовой @elenaborisova7163, @Smartfoxkazan)
Clothes shop

Fashion show

What's your classmate wearing (memory)

Drawing clothes (Top-models)

Week clothes

Wacky Week

Homes and furniture 

Doll house

Animals in the house

House chores 

Strict mum

Miming game


Instructions with stationary and classroom furniture

Whose is this pen/ruler/etc. ?

Mr Crocodile


Giving presents

Whose is this toy?

Sport Miming game
Hobbies Miming game

Map of the town

Places to go

Are there any ... in our city?


Animal game

Who took the cookie?

Drawing fantastic animal

Whose are these ears?

Animals in the cage

Who Took The Cookie? (youtube)

Fingerplays and Action songs

General and soldiers

Confusion games

Simon says

Family Family tree
Transport How can you get to...?
Seasons and weather Weather forecast

Where are the baby mice? (colour doors)

I spy with my little eye

Cat, cat, what coulor is your milk?

Mr Crocodile


Grammar structure Game
Prepositions of place Instructions with stationary, classroom furniture and body
English Starters 2: Guessing game (Is the train in the cupboard?)
Prepositions of frequency  How often do you?...
Present simple

Wanna buy a duck?



Present continuous  Comparing pictures
Would you like? At the cafe
Modals: can Challanges (Can you put a book on your head and walk?)
I’m going to

Telling future

Guess what am I going to do? (postures)

Past simple


Funny monsters

Detective game (interrogation)


Mirror on the wall


Comparative game for Kid'sBox 3 Unit 7

Like/ don’t like What do you like to do?
I’ve got Boasting
These that those that Whose is this pen/ruler/etc. ?

Whose are these ears?

Whose is this pen/ruler/etc. ?

Is it? Are they? Where are the baby mice? (colour doors)
There is / There are Ghost Game (Барабашка превращается...)
1st Conditional A MEMORY GAME with Masterpiece cards
2nd Conditional Chain of events
Present Perfect


Strict mum

Poor me/ Lucky me

Past Perfect


Strict mum

Passive voice

A MEMORY GAME with Masterpiece cards

Irregular Verbs


Time Table


General games

Game Context
Role play "Suitсase" Travelling, clothes, toys, food
Change Chairs If... Warming-up

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